Hi All need an new battery for my a4 2.4 i was looking at the bosch silver plus s5008 77ah 780 amp wat do you think?? any good


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Hi Mate,
the ampage sounds about right for this one, i have bought a new battery today for my a4 1.8T today, what a ballache trying to source one for a decent price (halfords and stealers wanted £100+), eventually i settled for the Bosch S3 70ah which is recomended. I needed one as the original was still in the car and has been a bit slow starting over the cold period we have had plus the indicator was totally black which is not good anyway. I got it from GSF in the end and cost me £69.33 with the 3 year warranty. There is a download available on the Bosch website and it tells you all the dimensions the 'S' series batteries which i found helpfull.

Hope this helps.


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Yes GSF are probably the best bet if you have one locally, call them though as their web site is terrible.
Why on earth would you think of going to a dealer for one? Just for a laugh I guess.


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Got my replacement BOSCH 72Ah battery from GSF 4 years ago - still going strong.
HIghly recommended brand and supplier.
In the end i wait for the Bosch S5 silver plus 77ah 780amp from ebay all in for £89 . very happy with battery wat an f**ker to fit:sadlike: