Bought a lowering kit...


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Alright peeps, bought a Bilstein lowering kit.

It turns up and the springs are Ventura???

Any good?

The shocks are Bilstein and the fella at the retailers said the springs are made in the same factory so i'm assuming that's the important bit.

But why aren't they labelled Bilstein?

Gonna fit em anyway though....

Views please!!! :huh:


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I'm not Sure that Bilstein actually make springs, that's why they wont have the name on I thought they usually paired them with H&R or Eibach. I'm pretty sure I had ventura springs with an Avo kit I had on my mondeo years ago if it was Ventura they are very good plus Bilstein aren’t going to supply rubbish springs…

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You probably bought the "Bilstein Sprintline" kit. The kit consists of Ventura springs and Bilstein sport shocks. Its a matching combo.

I had that kit once. Lowers 45/35mm front/rear. It handles much better the stock sport setup. The ride quality is pretty good too. The ride was solid but firmer than stock sport on uneven/bumpy road (as expected).

My only disappointment was the uneven ride height (yours might be different). The rear was higher than the front. Whilst I was happy with the front, I thought the rear could have been much lower.


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they work on the premise that the rear weight fluctuates and the shocks will sink over time. should flatten out in time, I always find a few trips to the garden centre and the tip work a treat!