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Would it be possible to list front and rear brake options available from your kindself and approx costs?
I have a 2002 S3 8l the use of car is for road and a couple of track days a year, currently I have a standard setup with unknown pad type. I would never go anywhere near a track as it stands, also do any of your options have long delivery lead times?
thanks in advance

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For the 312mm Users on Leon Cupra/TT/S3
plain 312mm front disks - £65.42/pair
ultimax front disks - £185.35/pair
256mm rear ultimax - £124.05/pair
256mm rear EBC plain - £61.11/pair

256mm rear eliptical grooved - £123/pair
eliptical grooved - £179/pair
DS2500 front pads - £129
Yellow front pads - £82.50
Pagid/Bosch OE rear pads - £39
Green rears - £33.05
Red rears - £38.13

Prices exclude vat
UK Delivery is £9.70


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That's great thank you, what are the big brake options and cost that you could supply, or would they be over kill for the road and a couple of track days a year t,hat I wouLd be looking to do?
I haven't got a particular budget in mind but not wanting to spend multiple thousands.

My car is in a standard state of tune except for a miltek cat back.

I'll then way up the options, is the best way to order over the phone?

Kind regards
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