Brake pad and wear sensors S4 B9 avant


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Hi folks

can someone please put me in the direction of a compatible brake pad set front and rear including sensors for a B9 S4 354 2017 avant.

the parts websites give a big list of options with different sizes and it’s confusing. I just want a like for like or better performance with the pads being the same size as the base standard. The brakes on this car have been incredible but my driving style means I’ve worn them down in 4 years, 21k miles. Discs look like they have plenty of life left.

many guidance welcome, Audi supply and install price quite offensive.


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Not done the fronts yet but back pads have wear sensors that are removable and interchangeable between pads.... if you’re half handy and have basic tools the fronts are simple, no different to any other car. Wear sensor is only on one side on the back - presumably it’s only on one side on the front ?


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8W0698151N Front Brake Pads
4M0615121AB Wire

One of the Audi dealers on ebay is doing pads for about £120. Will be doing mine shortly.