Brake pad reccomendations.


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I have a 3.0 tdi Quattro with the larger discs 1ZL up front and my sensor has been chirping away the last day or two. I reckon there is loads of meat left on them but the dash is lighting up like a Christmas tree so been looking for new pads all over the place but have encountered some suppliers have several pads available albeit with serial numbers which are near identical bar one digit. If I made a list of them all id be knee high in the possibilities. Anyone recommend where to get them from with minimal fuss and maximum feedback please. Cheers.


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I've just ordered a set of ATE discs and pads from ECP while they had the 50% off Bank Holiday offer on for the front of mine.
Dunno what they will be like yet as they haven't arrived, but I went for ATE as recommended by my indie.


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Euro Car Parts (and their internet arm appear to sell the brake pads for your 1ZL set up. If you suspect there is possibly a further, confusing array of variants, personally I would take the old pads to a local Euro Car Parts branch and compare them to the new ones before buying and taking away. Their internet company doesn't really lend itself well to this sort of "on the spot" checking.


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I bought a set of brembo disc and pads from ECP on one of their deal weekends, worked out much cheaper very very happy with the quality. Also bought a fitting kit and already have Pagid ceramic brake grease.

Just look in the fitment details yellow section under the listed items for your car. I found mine, 1LG, easily.

The brakes were the first bit of work I've done to the A6 and it was quite literally a dream to swap the pads and discs.