Brake upgrades (specifically of the porsche variety)


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Yes, it's been done to dead r.e brake upgrades.

I had an 8P in 2.0tfsi flavour (all be it very played with) I had 18Z brakes then went to the 7PP big calipers (on the later cayenne) and both of the above were spot on for 330bhp approx.

Has anybody tried the cayenne calipers on the front hubs of the rs3? I know there is a steel and alloy version of the hub A3 vs S3 (at this point I'm thinking it'd be a better idea to ask on the A3 section) I'm just not a fan of the rs3's discs - they feel like they're hot just doing keen stops e.g dual carriageway for traffic lights for example plus they're extortionate cost wise vs say zimmermann ml 350mm drilled discs for example. I'm not against RS tax but the brakes seem to be a major let down for an RS car vs say the rs4 (I've got ebc redstuff pads with stock discs but not sure which revision they are fwiw)



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Can I interest you in my set 380mm ceramics??