For Sale Breaking my S4


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B5 S4 breaking, 99 facelift with analogue clock, sunroof model, no saggy headlining, complete car and everything works apart from the egt’s

Black leather interior with heated front seats, front armrest with no broken hinges

Blue weave carbon trim, NO gear surround!

18z front brakes, powder coated white, new seals/pads/discs/braided lines, done 100 miles so not even bedded in yet,

Trig 300mm rears, new discs/pads/braided lines, done 100 miles again, calipers are 3 years old and in good working order

APR stage 1 ecu, C box

B6 S4 18” wheels, genuine wheels and there’s 5 of them

All other parts available

Reserved parts are

Rear turrets
Full turbo back exhaust
Front bumper
Front wings

anything you need just ask and I’ll let you know if it’s available and the price