breather pipe gone soft


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hi my beather pipe have gone soft like putty they shud be hard has abyone hear had to replace them and how much was they


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I replaced all of my breather pipes with OEM ones, cant remember the price, I think it was around £80 from Audi, I remeember discovering after this that its waqs cheaper or just the same to get uprated silicone pipes instead, or not much more expensive to fit a catch can.

I wouldn't replace with OEM if I did it again.

Heres the top one after market .... AUDI S3 SEAT LEON CUPRA R CRANKCASE BREATHER PIPE | eBay UK

/edit, I presumed S3 as you didn't specify, but i'm sure 1.8T is similarly available.
That pipe is approx. £30 from Audi and yes they fail all the time.


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I got a silicone one off ebay for £17 delivered, the three way "Y" breather, as mine was split and spitting oil down the side of the engine and box.