Bristol Krispy Kreme Meet 25th November 2:00pm BS2 0SP

Ash B

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The Last BKKM for the year so its going to be big

Details: Bristol Krispy Kreme meet will be on Sunday November 25th at 2pm, try and get there early as it fills up quite quick.
I'll be there about half 1.

Usual spot, just behind Krispy Kreme Avon Meads business park, BS2 0SP.
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Bristol Krispy Kreme meet November 25th - Edition 38 Forums
All car makes welcome

1. Me - A3 8P
2. Fran - A3 8P
3. Nath - 135I Coupe
4. Jarhyd - A3 8P
5. Abdullah - A3 8P
6. Alex - A4 B7
7. Oscar - Seat Ibiza
8. Bradley - S3 8L
9. Danny - VW Golf MK5
10. Adam - S3 8L Liquid yellow as far as i'm concerned you have no choice so you will be there



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I now work in Bristol Ash, gimme a shout if you're doing another KK meet on a weekday.