Facelift Buying a 2017 S4 Avant..??


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Hi everyone.

Well after having a contract hire Golf R Estate just shy of 2 years now I’m at a road junction, a spaghetti junction to boot, and have to think about what to do next.

Might be able to extend another 12 months but is at an increased cost compared to current monthly payment. It was a silly cheap deal tho so it’s not too bad even tho an increase. I could purchase it although last quote was not great for a base spec R Estate.

Which brings me here. Seen a lovely 2017 S4 Avant priced just over the £30k Mark. Now that is a lot more money in terms of monthly outgoing whether I PCP it or Bank Loan it. It’s lovely looking car with a great spec tho. Is £32k too much tho to pay out tho when I have to finance it? Bank Loan it over 5 years to keep monthly down putting in about £7k of my own cash, or PCP it over 4 years still putting in about £6/7k and left with a GMFV of circa £12k according to the sellers finance offer.

What do your man maths say about taking this on?? Always wanted an S4 Avant. Now they’ve gone diesel is it a good time to buy a 2017 Petrol model that might hold its value even better??

The R Estate worked out at £320 a month when added up and divided by 24. A real bargain. Nothing around like that anymore. Maybe extend another 12 months and save up more deposit for a 2018 S4? Not much in the loan repayments give or take a few grand extra less deposit.

Aargh..!!! Anyone like to crowd fund me??

Thanks for reading if you got this far!

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I agree that lease deals aren't what they used to be, I had a 66 plate Leon cupra 290 for £131 a month and currently half way through my 68 plate s4 saloon deal at £280 a month, and that's with about £40 a month in options