Buying a B8 A4 Avant


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First post on here, having been an active member of various forums for my Audi TT and more recently R32 Golf.

We are looking to trade up our 57 plate A3 Sportback 170 S-Line to an A4 Avant with Quattro as we could do with the extra space with a 2 month old and my wife didn't like driving 2wd in the snow/ice last week, getting stuck out in the A3 with the baby in the back and not being able to drive home was quite a scare for her, luckily she was close to her parents and took refuge there until I was able to walk 2 miles to go and drive them back!

Anyway, back to the car!

We have paid a deposit on an S4 Avant, showroom model - 48 miles on the clock (25 were me on the test drive!), however having agreed a good deal on the car the dealer has since realised they priced it wrong and the HDD Nav wasn't on the order sheet, so the car is nearly £2k under priced, meaning I would effectively be getting 11% off list, not 6% (which I had to fight for!). Although they are trying to make it work, I am not hopefull and I am not paying the extra £2k for it.

Looking at used approved (which is what we originally went to look at!), there aren't many B8 Avant Quattros about, especially as we want an S-Line.

We are fairly open to engines, although having driven the 3.0Tdi at the dealer (admitedly after the S4...) it felt 'OK', not a big increase on the A3 170 as I had expected. Am not ruling out a 2.0 TDi, but am not sure if it is going to have the balls to be honest!

There aren't many 3.0 TDis in the spec I want (if any...) but there is a nice looking 3.2 V6, good price and a reasonable spec (similar to what I would spec if buying new), has anyone got experience of this in the 265PS variant? Is it the same (essentially) as the 3.2 in the mk5 R32?

Else maybe the 2.0T but again struggling to find one of those that meets my requirements, else there are a couple of 2.0 Tdis (143 and 170) about, but just not sure it will be quick enough for what I want (note, not what I need ... what I want! LOL).

Cheers guys


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