buying an A8 advice please

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i'm thinking i might be able to afford an A8
which of the engines are better than the others
milage, high miles are there things i would need to look out for on a car that's done 150k
service costs, are they going to be astronomical
any help most welcome
thanks for reading


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Sorry fella. I only pass by here once in a while.

Buyers guide is

Get a 4.2 sport. The fuel consumption is hardly different and you get a load more grunt with the 4.2. The sport has better seats etc.

Hope thats not too L8 4u?

Edit: This site is down for some reason? It's the A/S8 bible!!


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Having had many A8's including the original D1, more commonly known as the Audi V8, there is no such thing as economical, however, that said here are some intersting facts:-

The D2 4.2 at 75mph would return a steady 22/24 mpg.

The D3 4.2 at 75 mph would return a steady 24/26 sometime even 28 mpg.

What is staggering is that the D3 w12 6 litre at 80 mph is returning 28 mpg! That said, my average here in the island is only 13!

All the above aside, go for the 4.2, it is bullet proof and providing it has a full dealer history and all belts have been changed when they should, the engine should go on for 300/400k without major surgury

LPG conversions have been done on the D2 and there is plenty of room in the boot so that you can have GAS as well as keepingthe full size FUEL TANK.

Good luck,