Buying my car via PayPal


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Right so got my car on autotrader received an email asking if it's still available I replied swiftly, then the person said "if my offer is accepted can you give me your PayPal address so I can make the payment" they haven't seen the car asked any questions and said someone else would be picking it up obviously I'm very unsure about this but can't understand what they will get out of it if? If I give my PayPal address nothing will leave without payment received let me know if you guys have seen anything like this before if I should keep clear or ask for a bank transfer instead?
Cheers guys



Classic con, they send you the full asking price of the car.. They come and pick the car up, they then do what's called a 'Chargeback reversal' because the car isn't as described (so they say), paypal finds in favour of the buyer your paypal is put into negative balance, you have no car and left with the debt of paying what you sold it for.

They get there money back and a shiny Audi with the logbook to suit.


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Thanks that's what I wanted to hear I just hadn't heard of a way they could scam you when PayPal is supposed to be secure lol. Cheers aiden


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someone tried that to me when i was selling my LEON FR TDI.
the big problem is that the seller can trash a car and do a charge back in 60 days from payment.


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As above, PayPal almost always sides with the buyer. Useful for selling low value items or services but I wouldn't go near it for something high value, used and sold privately. You have no protection and PayPal take your money without you having to authorise it. Avoid at all costs.


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Lol yep I got the message just wasn't sure what they could do but now I know cheers for the help guys.


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Come on Ben, your smarter than to fall for that old one, cash is king!


Glad you thought to ask first, some wouldn't.

... and said someone else would be picking it up.
This part means that they'll pay, somebody will collect the car, then the buyer will claim their Paypal account has been hacked & the money will be returned to them! This way they don't even have to enter into a dispute with you, It'll be between you & Paypal.

Same outcome = you lose.


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Come on Ben, your smarter than to fall for that old one, cash is king!

Come on Paul I wouldn't fall for it I just didn't know how they would manage it considering paypal is supposed to be secure and if the money is transferred to your account. Got another one straight after the first from a marine engineer who's online banking isn't working at the moment so they need to use paypal and someone would collect to ship it to them that was a good one.


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Just to endorse the comments before, PayPal's seller protection programme specifically excludes transactions involving vehicles. It's in the agreement you enter into when opening a PayPal account.