C5 A6 Window problem Please help (its cold!!!)!!


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Hi All

Having problems with my passenger window. It will go down but not automatically (one flick of the switch). This happens with both switches dirvers and passengers.

So it looks like the motor is fine, could it be the switches or relays?

How could i test the above components to rule out faulty parts.

Dont you just love these type of problems in the winter !!!!!!!!


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I would say switches, get some electrical cleaner and flush them out.


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have you had the battery off or changed?
will they reset?
ie; from the window being up, send it all the way down and hold the switch in down position when the window is down for 5 seconds. then put the window up and hold the switch up when the window gets to the top for 5 seconds.
will the auto down (one touch) work now?


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No battery has not been off, and i know what you mean about the reset..... But no, it will not reset.

But i have noticed on the drivers door switch panel, the yellow indicator for the child lock window setting stays illuminated.........Maybe a fault on that panel................................


Long Live The A6
Thanks for all the help, problem now sorted

Whipped out the drivers window controls, the plug on the back was corroded !!!! One can of electrical cleaner did the job !

Thanks all

Audi. net pulls through again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!