Can anyone give me advice on wheels for my S2 avant?


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Hi ive got a lovely red S2 avant which has done only 70k with full main dealer history and id like to fit some larger wheels i.e. 18" avus s4/s6/s8 wheels,porsche cup alloys(rs2)or boxster wheels.

Does anyone know if any of these wheels will just go straight on and what tyres i will need.also should i modify the suspension running in 18's?

Any help or advice anyone has would be greatly appreciated.


You can get the S8 avus style wheels which look identical to the S2 avus style on the S2s. Plenty come up for sale on German ebay. You will need spacers with them 10-12mm IIRC. Newer S4 B5 (i think some had 18") and B6 will go on and also need spacers - these look slightly different to S2 Avus as they have sharper edges.

I had porker turbo 18s on one of my S2s and I was not as impressed as I thought I would be.

225/40x18 are the common size for 18s on S2s. Careful with the front steering arm getting close to the tyres.

19s are the way to go!