Can someone check my scan please


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Got a headlamp leveling fault on Audi Q5 2013 although the headlights are functioning correctly as i can see them moving up and down and settle. Can you tell which sensor is throwing up the fault?

Thanks in advance

Scan info

Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) Labels: 8K0-907-063.clb
Part No SW: 8K0 907 063 DH HW: 8K0 907 063 DH
Component: BCM1 1.0 H16 0103
Revision: 08016001 Serial number: 00000530194502
Coding: 2600801180348FE00E81400300001D0D009D270827090201000008000400030100000024000000
Shop #: WSC 12345 123 12345
VCID: 78FF8286CB12618298-802C

Subsystem 1 - Part No SW: 8R2 955 119 A HW: 8R2 955 119 Labels: 1KX-955-119.CLB
Component: WWS416 121130 H11 0050
Serial number: 90243015121126214404
Coding: 01DD13

Subsystem 2 - Part No SW: 8U0 955 559 B HW: 8U0 955 559 B Labels: 8U0-955-559.CLB
Component: G397_RLFS H06 0002
Serial number: 20831483
Coding: 02005C

Subsystem 3 - Part No SW: 8K0 941 531 AS HW: 8K0 941 531 AS
Component: E1 - LDS H03 0031
Serial number: 00000000000712120919

Subsystem 4 - Part No SW: 4H0 907 658 HW: 4H0 907 658
Component: AQ_Hum_Sensor H03 0003
Serial number: 3C89CE56000000000001

1 Fault Found:
00471 - Control Module for Elect. Regulated Dampers (J250)
004 - No Signal/Communication
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 01100100
Fault Priority: 6
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset counter: 146
Mileage: 130184 km
Time Indication: 0
Date: 2019.12.15
Time: 17:40:43


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Seems either the module has been enabled & not actually fitted or you have electric controlled dampers & that modules down, this isn't headlight levelling.


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did you code Audi drive select?


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So you neglected to tell us you had been coding the car & the issue arose, would have helped us tbh.


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Well actually I didnt mention the coding as it has been coded for quite some time 2 years to be precise however when it was mentioned It has made me think again but the strange thing is i’ve recently had a front driveshaft fitted by my local garage not Audi and it’s only since he did this that the issue has come about, so I ran the scan and posted the info hoping that would have confirmed if it was indeed the drivers side front headlamp leveller, the info from NHN just confirmed that the leveller isn’t reporting an issue. My next step is to remove the coding and then run the scan again.

thanks for the help.



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Lol I have to laugh with you as you haven't mentioned the coding changes but now you haven't told us about the driveshaft change either which common sense denotes it's this work that's probably the issue, maybe he hasn't plugged something back in or disturbed a sensor.

Rule of thumb, always list any changes or work done to the car when asking for advise bud, helps allot.