Can't insure an Audi RS3 because of its current value?????


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Hardly "says it all"... more like "says just enough to make them sound bad".

Is the value too high for your personal circumstances (do they limit value based on age/experience/licence endorsements?), or do they only offer insurance on cars under £30k, regardless of driver?

It'd be nice for Adrian Flux to give some sort of official angle on their reasoning here.


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They wouldn't insure a RS3 full stop, regardless of any of my personal circumstances.
I am a 45 year old
14 years no claim bonus
Clean licence
Car garaged at night
Bla bla bla.....

and I cant remember exactly if I am not wrong they said they don't insure anything worth more then 25k.
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but then surely that's just their commercial decision.... not something you should be getting upset about... well unless you had to hang on the phone giving out information for 17 hours or something... lol

the figure seems a little low IMO... I would guess a lot if cars these days can be worth more - and not of the performance type... maybe they've just decided to go for the cheap second hand market?!?!?


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I can't believe they won't insure a vechicle over 25K as they insure all kinds of performance machinery. I am sure somebody will come along in a while and reply to this thread. It's not where you live is it, Your post code can be a real big decider if there have been cars stolen in the area.
Just take your business else where and when you get it insured come back and update this thread with the information.



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We certainly have a number of scheme that cater for this model vehicle. Obviously it's difficult for me to comment on reasons why we couldn't without being party to the full information. I'm happy to re-look at anyone's details if we haven't been able to help.


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Try Admiral, they pretty much insure everything even if its very expensive, thankfully my quote for golf mk6 GT was okay for my age!