Car Crash


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Unfortunately someone pulled out and hit me head on on a country lane on the way home from work on Friday night. I wasnt in my A3 but i was in my Mondeo which my grandad had from new :( Its more centemental than anything and its been deemed a total loss :(

Just wanted to share my anger that some chavy idiot had writen off my second pride and joy! It was 18 years old and had just clicked over 70,000 miles and had full ford history with the supplying dealer!

Does anyone have any ideas how to value the car as its book value will be hardly anything? Typically the airbag went off and so did my pretensioners so ive got pretty bad whiplash, sprained my lower back and knackered my right thumb.

Thanks for listening to me having a winge lol


I want your faulty electronics
That sucks man.
I hate losing things of bit sentimental value.

No idea on price, just happy every one is ok.
Did the police turn up?
whats happening to the person that hit you?

Any pics?


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Yeah the police and ambulace were there very quick, im the first to knock the police but i have to give them credit! Mainly as the other driver was threatening to kill me and his old man was there about 2 mins after as well!

However my first response was to call my insurance and sort out the recovery, and the other guy ended up paying something like £300 for recovery! The other drivers dad was talking to the police about me dangerous driving, even though he wasnt actually there at the time, but the police just turned roud and said "your sons account suggests that he pulled out on the mondeo and that it looks as though its your fault and not mine"! Then his brother turned up and neerly crashed into the back of the police cars!

I didnt manage to get any pictures as i was with the ambulance chaps and on the phone to the insurance. I had to go to A+E and now need to back to the doctors.

Just a shame as the car has had 10 years in our family and we all have many great memories from the years :(

On the positive side i still have my A3 so i need to Tax, MOT and insure it so im mobile again. I work for renault so my boss has given me the sales managers car for the time being and my insurance are sorting me a car next week aswell.


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sorry to hear about this buddy i hate useless drivers i see them most days , i had a similar thing with my first car it was in the family from new a B plate ford escort when i had it she only had 60k on the clock and was a old car , i had a jeep stop dead in the middle of the road and i couldnt stop in time went strait into the back end of it writing my car off and just giving the jeep a small dent in the bumper i was really gutted because it had been in the family for such a long time , sounds like they are a lovely family tho of good drivers lol


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Really sorry to hear the bad new, I hope you claim against the guy HARD for your injuries and loss of such treasured heirloom to you and your family. It doesn't help when the idiots start trying to point the finger and get other involved when its clearly their fault! I guess its lucky we don't all live in the US or a few bullets would of been planted into his head IMO. I hope you get everything sorted and your back etc causes you no long term problems.


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Really sorry to hear of your crash mate.

I totally understand the sentimental value to the mondeo or any object you attach a personal nature too. We all do it! I know I do.

However, you can't associate metal and rubber to you're own health and well being. I'm sure in time your A3 will replace that missing element.

Glad to hear you're ok-ish. Take your time with the recovery dude. Whip lash can take you by surprise. I was in a similar prang a few years ago (passenger.) My neck, shoulders, back and chest hurt for weeks after! This was before the "where there is blame, make a claim" culture. Wish I ****** had. Took a few days unpaid sick leave cause of it!

Was the other chap injured, apart from you wanting to lamp him that is!? lol

Let's just hope he was insured................Although I guess you know that bit already.

All the best mate



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Thanks for the kind words people, I am indeed claiming as much as possible and taking pictures of everything thats brusing. Im also going into the doctors next week to show them and hopefully get some stronger pain killers. I have to say I was going to claim whiplash but when i woke up on Saturday I actually couldnt move my neck! Its absolutely killing atm, and my hand has blown up about the size of a large orange lol *cough...compo...cough*