Car storage & insurance


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Hello, happy new year to you all!!

I'll be storing my car whilst I'm out of the country for a while, and the place it will be stored requires me to have my own liability insurance (on top of all the cover that they are providing).

My current policy have told me they absolutely will not insure my car if I'm out of the country for any extended period of time (apparently anything longer than 2 weeks is a no-go, which surprises me!).
I'm now starting to panic that I won't find anyone who will insure the car.

Surely this is a regular enough occurrence that there are insurers out there who can help?

Has anyone here got experience in storing a car and can point me in the right direction??

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you!


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All sorted! Saw the Adrian Flux information on here and gave them a call, thankfully they're able to sort me out.

Was going to delete this thread, as it is just me talking to myself, but if someone searches "storage insurance" in future maybe this will help.