Carbon or Aluminium Trim?

Carbon fibre or Aluminium Trim?

  • Carbon Fibre

    Votes: 43 44.3%
  • Aluminium

    Votes: 54 55.7%

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As the title says, what do you guys prefer? Interior Carbon Fibre or Aluminium Trim?
What was the option cost for carbon fibre when you purchased a new car? I know its about £1000 to retro fit all the required parts!
Was it an S4 exclusive trim?
Im assuming the carbon parts just "clip" in if you wanted to retro fit?


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I voted aluminum, but I meant more like brushed or polished alumi. My bro just changed them on his golf and I like. But I can't really comment on any carbon bits as I've never seen any for Audis


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I love brushed alu but I have to go with CF as even jags have alu trim now


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I love carbon fibre, looks so sleek.
I have to say wood ;)

Had carbon fibre style trim in my old A4, but the look and the feel of the wood is much more superior.


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I've voted CF but I really think it depends on the rest of the interior. If you have black dash, door panels and black leather I think the ally goes really well. If you have silver leather I prefer the CF as it doesn't stand out so much - too many contrasts of colours.



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CF as its less common and cool


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There should be a third catagory of tick box: Neither.
Trim should be removed, unless it serves a purpose,: ie safety requirements.
Aluminium should be used for body panels and low stressed components to save weight. Magnesium alloys are preferable of course.
Carbon Fibre composites should be used for body panels or compoents to save weight.
If either are used inside the car they should of course be painted.


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Sorry, just read the above.
There should be 4 tick boxes:
None of the above (especially wood)


I like aluminium best as I like the contrast on dark interiors.

I also think CF can look a little max power sometimes. I think I would rather Piano black over CF.


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Carbon, Carbon, Carbon.......I've got full carbon trim and my engine is full of carbon too! :whistle2:


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Carbon for S4 or RS4, aluminium or piano black or wood for A4.


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mine has the ally trim which i like, but i would have genuine carbon if i could get a set, any S4 owners want a swap?:whistle2: