Changing S-tronic T-Bar selector for round S-Tronic one ?


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Has anyone here done this mod ?

The standard T shaped gear selector bar for the S-Tronic gearlever is awful, and the round one fitted to some other models in Audi's range, with the front push button release looks SOOOOOOOO much better.

I have read around and it seems like some guys overseas have changed it over, but that it involves melting and twisting a plastic rod, due to the relocation of the push button release from side to front, so is that right ?

If so, it's going to be a no-no I think, but I wondered if anyone had found a simpler / less risky way of making the change ?



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Ok, no way around the heating and twisting which is a major headache as I have all the dexterity and feel of a Rhino, so I guarantee I will break it !!!

Shame though as it really does look significantly better .....ah well !!

Presumably you couldn't fit the new knob with the trigger on the right, and just remove and replace the top cover to the correct orientation ?

Or how about just replacing the plastic rod with a new one from a car with this knob as standard, so again having the correct North/South orientation ?
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