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Had my XBOX 360 nearly a year now, and really wanted a HD tv bot simply couldnt afford one so have been playing my XBOX 360 through my standard TV with scart TV.

The other day though i thought id look into buying a monitor display for my XBOX 360 so went for 1 19" CIBOX widescreen monitor which i got for a special price at cclcomputers for only £110 including vat plus another £15 for VGA cable to link the 360 to it.

Im absolutley blown away at the difference it has made to the games!!!! everything looks absolutley incredible! before i was playing dead rising and was impossible to read the text, no problems now!

Just wanna say, if you cant afford a HD TV, then get one of these monitors!

At this price its a steal, and much better quality then your cheaper HD tvs by companys like wharfedale (great speakers, **** tvs!)

Go on treat yourself!


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I bought a 40 inch samsung HD telly last Feb and have been running the 360 on that since. It looks fantastic. PGR3, Fifa 07, Gears of war look great. I can also put my PC thru it and sit on the sofa, read the web text and just use wireless keyboard and mouse.

I dont see why most other people are buying HD tvs tho. At least if you have a 360 you use it for that. The HDTV service in this country is so poor at the moment with hardly any channels its just a waste of money. They are paying for something they aint gonna use properly unless they buy SKY HD with a HDTV compatible with the HDMI cable or have bought a PS3/360.



Yeah I agree. I came into some money a few months back and just had to have myself a new fangled telly. Gave me a good excuse to buy a 360 though so I could see what the telly could do.
Since then I have picked up a DVD player which upscales to HD and that too is fantastic. Both make normal TV look hopeless though when you have to watch it.
I'm still humming and harring about whether to get Sky HD ?????


I was the STIG.
apparently it looks fantastic but there arent that many channels, but I bet as this year pans out it will get more channels and become cheaper. I'm gonna wait a bit longer. Dont watch that much telly anyway except sky sports.



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My boss is a good example of this HD "I want a Big HD tv" thing!

He was so pleased to get a 38" Wharfedale TV for about £600 from Argos.

Then i kinda put him down when i said Wharfedale make decent speakers but the TV sets are basically Bush / Alba TV's badged up with wharfedale!

I then asked him what appliances he was putting through it with an HD signal.... XBOX 360? PS3? HD DVD? SKY HD?

Nope......... plain old ****** NTL!!!

Whats the point!

It annoys me when you go into an electrical store and there trying to demo them with a standard TV/DVD signal!

The XBOX 360 is fantastic on a HD display :)