CHRIS_TOPHE are you really ripping me for a fiver ?


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After pinging CHRIS_TOPHE £5 for some bits he has not sent the bits or responded to messages. I can afford to lose the money but do me favour and pop it in a charity box eh?

Hardly the crime of the century and there may be a reasonable reason for non contact.....but probably not


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Chris is a trustfull bloke, i think his missus was heavily pregnant last time i met him... Give him a few days, i am sure you'll get your bits trough...


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Thanks for replying, he does indeed sound like a nice gent ( he offered me the bits for the price of posting)

Just a tad frustrating when they don't arrive. Chris, if you are reading this no need to send and pop the fiver in a box, of buy your new born a little toy.

Hope all is well.


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I work with him, he's a sound chap. pretty sure the due date is around this kinda time so probably been a bit pre-occupied