Clicking and whirring noises behind dashboard......


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Just wondering if anyone else has strange clicking and whirring noises coming from behind the centre console where the air con controls are? The noises are there constantly...when the car is running and when it is stationary with the key out.....doesn't seem to be doing any harm, just curious to see if anyone else has it?


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i have a strange clicking noise coming from behind the glovebox sometimes. Just clicks every 5 seconds. Only sometimes happens, when it does the car is usually switched off.

Dont know what it is but doesnt really bother me, just turn the music up haha.
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looked at this thread cos my a4 does it too. think it stops when the car is locked though cos i had a hard listen at the dead of night after locking her up and heard nothing.


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i think it does it for about 60 sec after i get out the car and look it but i think on mine its the windo flap as if i have the heater blower coming from any of the other vents its ok but as soon as i put the front winscreen one on i hear it may need a new sensor or some thing


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i thought this mine shows up some times on but dont seem to be doing any thing wrong so to speak more just like its having a ****** fit lol all though some times i hear it close the flap a bit and open up again ever so slitlly


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I have that sometimes, i traced it to the motor that is behind the glovebox, the one just behind the pollen filter, the main air inlet. just the motor moving the flaps around. i had audi check out a "noise" coming from the dash. they took it apart, put it all back together again and no noise.

then it started randomly again weeks later. maybe its a faulty motor, but a new one costs £90+

Turn up the music hahha

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A4 3.0 Cabrio B6
I know this is an old thread now, but I am having this issue now , did anyone get to the bottom of it, I've checked out a few different threads blaming it on pretty much everything in the car!

I've put in an aftermarket head unit which has a few wires i'm not using trailing down the back, I guess these be jamming the motor, thus making it constantly trying to readjust?

I know it's not a big deal, but if anyone did manage to solve this I'd appreciate their advice!


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Mine does it too, it's usually flap and flap motors. As long as air comes out of the right vents I wouldn't worry about it.