Coding Sport display in HUD


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Hi, I'm trying to code HUD sport display on my 2017 S4 but my VCDS doesn't have the map for controller / doesn't offer experimental view because i have an older cable (even though I am still able to access and code controllers) - can someone kindly help me with long coding details for the following? :)

1) Enable the sport display (lap timer, gear, oil temp, etc..) in the HUD If you have an A or S model with HUD
NOTE: You might need to enable the Laptimer (see “Enable Laptimer shown in DIS”) before this can be coded.
  • 82 - Head Up Display
  • Long Coding
  • Change “Laptimer_activated” to “available”
  • Press and hold green check mark to save.
2) Enable Laptimer shown in DIS (i don't need help with this since it's already coded on my car)
Description: Enable laptimer function in VC / DIS
  • 17 - Dashboard
  • Long Coding (Bytes+Bits)
  • Select Byte 1
  • Enable Bit 3
  • Press and hold green check mark to save.

Once this is done, i will share details all of all tweaks i have made via VCDS on my 2017 S4 :)


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My original coding = 4F01C0
Updated coding (not working) = 4F01D0

I thought byte 02 bit 4 would do the trick but it seems not :(