Coming back to the 4 Rings !


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Hello All,

Its been about a year since I was last on here, I had to part with my 2.5 V6 180 Tdi due to the money needed spent on it.
I am however, this weekend, getting my A4 1.9 130 SE Avant :)
Been driving a Renault Laguna in the meantime, no comparison really :)

Anyway, good to be back and start the Mods again :)



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I went to sell my car a year ago and so glad i never did. i would have only done the same!

Welcome back!


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Never settled with the "Laguna" at all, my V6 needed a Rear Diff and Clutch, so it had to go.
Looking forward to the new arrival though.


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welcome back mate, :icon_thumright:


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Me too, been running new S40 and missing VAG. Look forward to seeing what you do to your Avant.