concert ii to symphony ii


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Hi guys,

looking for some advice guys, ive searched and not found the exact info i here goes!

My dads just bought an b6 a4 with a concert 11 headunit, ...hes just bought off ebay a symphony ii headunit from an o4 a4 but what exactly does he need to change for it to fit properly? Any advice on parts numbers will be greatly appreciated!

i take it he needs a new cage and a climate control unit? any idea of the cost of these things?

thanks peeps,..still a great forum i feel.

Issac Hunt

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Yes will need a new cage, plenty on Ebay or from Audi. You will either need a new climate control unit or you can modify the original one by trimming some material from each side of it.

Take a look at this link, it documents the swap from single to double DIN.

Conversion Fron Single DIN


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If he was going to the trouble of doing the conversion, he'd be better sticking in the RNS-E unit instead!