Considering a new S3 anything i should be careful of ?

Gareth Hill

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Hi guys,

Considering either a old 2003 S3 or maybe a new S3 model for around the 23k mark. Bit of difference i know but want to buy whats best really.

Is there anything i need to be careful of with the new model?
Is it much better than the old one and why ?
Any performance times for both, 0-60/0-100 and top speed unlimited.

Will be modding the engine and mechanics also within the year so a list of mods per pound would be great also even though its reasonably new.

Oh and post some photos if you have one! [URL=""] [/URL]

Regards Gareth
I think you are being a little optimistic to think you will get the new model for 23k unless you are prepared to wait 12mths.I think prices will remain inflated for some time.

To answer your question I am not aware of any probs with the new model.



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Well the new one with no options is 27k so nowhere near your 23k mark!

I've had 2 "old" ones and had my new style 2007 model for a few months now. New one is far superior in every aspect, especially if you want to tune it. Simple remap gives over 300bhp!

Gareth Hill

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Is performance in the new one much better then ? Ideally compared to 0-100 times?

Evo mag states 13.5 0-100 !!!!

Regarding the 23k that is 22nd hand cheapest i could find



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if you werent bothered about modding it - i would suggest a 3.2Q they are awesome value at the moment and not too far off performance wise. you could probably get one with sat nav, tv, dsg etc etc for about 17k and pocket some dosh. either that of the tfsi - i think both are a no-brainer over the old S3


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A second hand S3 for 23K ? Must be a right shed, majority still going for 'new' money at dealers with small discounts available, the 3.2 would be a great option if you can afford the fuel costs otherwise just buy the best you can afford. Best suggestion if 23K is your budget would be to hang on 12+ mths.

Good luck in your search.


Maybe you've found the S3 lookalike on piston heads. It's actually a 3.2Q with the S3 body kit - think that is up for about £22k.
I don't know the car, but someone has spend a lot of money on making a car look like an S3 but not go like one.
The S3 has had a lot of money spent on lightning suspension components at the front to improve steering feel and response. I think it's fair to say most peoples grumbles about the 3.2Q is that it has a very nose heavy attitude so understeers - I know this is why I decided against a golf R32.

I think with your budget, you're better off getting as fresh an old S3 you can, keep it for 18 months or so, and start looking for 2nd hand new model S3's then.

Good luck.

hardcore Hallam

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Cheapest one I could find, left hand drive import, Pedro, it's not yours is it?

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  • 56 reg (2006)
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I'd go with jamie suggestion of buying the best old type S3 you can then trade up to the new one in 12 mths time, S3's hang onto their value pretty well so buy wisely and you will get majority of your money back come trade up. I personally wouldn't go for a left hooker as it will shed money and be a pain in the A in car parks etc...


No it is not mine, mine has a 07 reg and it is not for sale but for personal pleasure! hehe! Fantastic all round fast hatch the S3... absolutely reccomend it even with all the niggles inheritent to the A3 range....