Considering a vinyl wrap of my A6 it worth it??


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Have a 2009 A6 Avant which was an import from the UK, high mileage but looked after. Lots of stone chips on the front and bonnett. Been given ridiculous quotes on a respray so now am considering a vinyl wrap. Anyone out there have it done, if so what are the pro's and con's. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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My step dad had his RCZ wrapped in matt black from dark grey. Pros its very durable, only needs water to clean it, just peels off with a good bit of heat (heat gun or hairdryer), its cheaper than a respray and it adds an added layer of protection and you can have whatever design/colour you want.

Cons - its cost money lol, make sure you go to a reputable place that does it., 9/10 they will have a gallery showing off the work they did. From doing a lot of research on it for my step dad I found that everyone only used 3M vinyl wraps as they are the best and normally come with a 10 year guarentee.


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Hey A6JP. Thanks for getting back to me. I took my car in for a quote, for a very basic black wrap the garage are asking €1200 which roughly converts to £1025. Don't know should I just save up the cash and get a full respray. The front just has lots of stone chips and marks...other than that the car has general scratches and marks from daily use....really no idea what to do!!


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Have you tried wet sanding the scratches and a machine polish? Ok, you won't be able to do that on the stone chips, but a front-end respray won't cost that much.


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My car is wrapped pearlescent white some parts of the car left black.

Protects paint underneath if company has prepared the car properly.
Looks good.
Have any colour/finish you like.
It's reversible.
Cheaper than a respray.

Stone chips are a nightmare and can peel parts of the wrap slightly and can't be touched up.
Still not cheap.
Doesn't always have a nice finish like paint.
Doesn't last forever.
Chips stand out more than on paint.

Hope this helps


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If you wrap over stone chips - you get a wrap that shows up the stone chips.

That price you have quoted is not only basic, its probably with poor quality materials that wont last more than a few years.


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Whereabouts are you? We can do this for this just under £1000 using 3M 1080p wrap or Hexis 20000 wrap (Hexis slightly more expensive but in our opinion better to work with than the 3M - That's just the brand that most people have heard of!). We are based in Hampshire. Thanks