Corrosion Warranty Repair examples please:


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I am building up a file of cases that have been authorised for repair under audi's corrosion warranty and would be grateful for any details.

Please include:
Year of Reg:
Area repaired replaced:


I hope that with a number of claims for similar body parts that have been successfully repaired we will have more luck getting future claims dealt with.
Please put in as much detail as possible.



I would be interested in this too as my rear plinth has bubbling and the drivers door handle. Plus the lower section on the doors has the odd bubble.


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so come on everyone...even the RS246 boys have responded!!

and the A3S3 crowd are two posts ahead of you..


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So far no rust touch wood :tocktock: but if any crops up i will post my claim up here :icon_thumright:


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come on I can't believe no-one with an A4 has had any rust issues.
I have a tailgate strip corroded, a rear window triangle and now a door panel under the trim corroding.
Need some examples to stick it to Audi. come on guys....anyone?


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My windscreen and rear screen are bubbling at the top but my mate at rac windscreens is sorting that.


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I have a 2000W A4 with 96k and suffer from the following bodywork maladies:
C pillar triangular trim bubbling under paint on lower front edge - both sides
Both rear doors starting to blemish under the paint (small pin spots at the moment) in lower rear corner between upper and lower trim.
Lower body trim clips corroding, pushing trim proud of body.
Aluminium windscreen trim corroding in top left corner.
Very soft paint (Santorin Blue pearl), so loads of chips and scratches.

Not claimed on it, never really thought I had a chance of getting anywhere.:shrug:


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Surely there must be a load of restrictions on being able to make a claim ? I would think at the very least the cars will have to have a full audi service history

Luckily i have never had any rust problems apart from the front windscreen seal, for some reason corrosion seams to affec tthe post facelift cars more than the earlier models


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My old 2000 W reg 1.8tqs had bubbling around where the rear number plate is and i was denied warranty :(


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I was denied a fix on my front passenger side wing as it was rust where a previous fix had gone wrong.
About a month later thou some **** took out that wing, and the two rear doors so was done on his insurance.


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I just had the number plate upper Trim replaced on my Y reg Avant ie where the two number plate lights go in. I had to pay 30% of the cost as they said it was not a main body part but 'semi trim'. It's a 12 year warrenty with no need for inspection visits or servicing by Audi - if its a main body panel and the car has not been resprayed in that area then it should be replaced free of charge.


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Wrong forum but had bubbles along roof rails on my 1999 s3 sutton audi sorted it out no probs

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my rear boot handle is going. i didnt realise i had any rust warranty tbh, its a 99.5.

how do i attempt to claim? just phone my local audi dealer and stick it too them? i assume all cars have the warranty and its not somthing that you have to pay extra for / only applies to the first owner etc.


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I tried for the rear boot strip, and rear window inserts. Was told by Audi they were not covered due to them not being main body panels. Also told that unless it was rusting from the inside out there is no claim. Basically, you will be hard pushed to meet the criteria they place. In the end I got it all done at an Audi franchised body works in hand ....for £70