Couple Of questions regarding S3 stereo.


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I have a double DIN cassette and CD player in my S3 i dont like keeping many original CDs in my car so tend to rip my CDs to pc and keep back up copies in the car i did this the other day and the CDs i burnt would not play.

Does the S3s CD player not play CD-Rs ?

Also my front speakers are blown does the speaker cover come off easily ?
and what size are the front mids ?



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Mine plays CD-Rs OK (6 CD in dash changer). Have you tried different makes of CD-R ?


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Yeah mine plays CDRs no problem. Also the 6 in dash changer.


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Mine plays them, factory 6CD changer in the boot.


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Ensure you use proper Audio CD-R's, if it still doesn't read them then burn them at a slower speed.
The speaker grillles don't come off they are moulded to the door card, so you need to remove the whole doorcard to get to them. The fronts are 4" mids and 1" tweeters.


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I'll burn them again at slower speeds then see if that helps.

I have had lots of problems with the CDRs i am using though with my burner so maybe i'll have to buy some more :)