Couple of questions


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Just a couple of questions from a new vag-com user, who scarred he'll damage his car.

Firstly, Want to have a go at changing some of the coding on my S3. Mainly want the car to beep when locked, but also a few other things that I have found from searching. What would happen if I got it wrong, will the car reject the new code entry, will it blow up the ecu or just disable that module?

Secondly i've seen that there is OBD2 function, is this a scan tool for other car makes? And has anyone tried this with annother car and had success?




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If you enter the wrong number in the 'Central Locking' or 'convenience' modules, nothing bad can happen.

The worst case scenario is that only your basic central locking will work (no alarm etc)

The car uses binary code, so entering an incorrect decimal number through vag-com can cause some things to work and not others, as some one's and zero's may be in the correct place to turn on and off different features.