Cracked windscreen


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Had a text earlier from my wife saying that the windscreen has cracked. Was fine this morning, but when she returned to the car at the end of the day it was cracked. the car was in a car park parked nose into a Hedge. No damage to the car.Took the car to my local Audi garage to look at, their is a slight stone chip close to the crack, hardly noticeable, but the crack has started from the top of the windscreen. Going back tomorrow so the warranty guy can look at it. Feel like its 50/50 whether they will replace under warranty. Never seen a windscreen do this before.


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Unlikely to be done under warranty. Do you have windscreen cover on your insurance? If so you will probably only need to pay the excess. Normally around £75. Just be aware that they don't normally fit an Audi genuine screen but normally a cheaper copy.


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OMG, never would that be covered its a stone chip obviously, I'm sat with my glass guys now, lucky guy, quick buy a lottery ticket lol.


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They had a good look over the screen and they could say that a stone chip had caused it. Will put up a better picture. Am very happy that will be getting a proper audi screen.

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Good result!


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went back this morning to Audi and they are going to replace the windscreen under warranty.

Good news and a genuine screen, result. :kissmyrings: