Cup holder for double din and “Brodit” SuperPro phone holder


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Practicality beats all, homemade.

Phone mount. It’s the best location for me since it’s not hitting against my legs if attached to the garb handle like some Brodit designed I’ve seen, nor is mounted too far away by the air vents. It only covers volume control which I never use thanks to the MFSW controls.

Just in case anyone asks, lots of clearance when in gear R-1-3-6

Cup holder was from when my car was single DIN and had to use the card holder front face to make it close, also a small notch cut into it the folding plate.


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Too bad you didn't see my solution (or maybe you did) here. Anyway, the cupholder is nice, I wished mine had one instead of the coin tray, but an OEM replacement is ~70 euro on eBay.


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Convenience of use to the phone is why I opted to modify my car to where it was most accessible to me. The pcb idea was excellent though!

I think you may have missed the point my post, my car did have a card tray there, my post shows how to modify it to a cup holder instead which is taken from the single DIN Audi A3 cars. Did this many years ago kind of just bumping the info here incase anyone else needed it. It’s applicable to the new style and old style double din holders.
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