DA Newbie, need opinions and advice......


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Hey peeps,

Been on here for a while, going to be biting the bullet with a DA....been looking at the DAS 6 Pro Plus...looking at the meguirs 105 and 205 with white and orange pads...also gonna get a black micro fibre pad with some collonite insulater wax to finish. does this sound like a good place to start? want to keep on top on the swirls and do my own winter prep etc.

the more comments and advice the merrier.


Hi Craig

I'm relatively new to the machine polishing lark too and got the Das 6 pro plus from a recommendation on here. Site sponsor in2detailing was recommended and i got the machine and pads and polishes (Scholl) in a bundle. Pretty sure it was Jassy my fellow Glaswegian on here who recommended them and I'm surprised he's not been along already to give you some wisdom as to pads and polishes.....