Day off work.....clean the car why not....


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Ok, well i had a day off work, so i thought why not clean the car. Also I ordered some products yesterday from & they arrived at about 10 this morning, super quick delivery!!

Right, heres a pic before the wash:

Got to work on the interior, which is TOP PRIORITY as always...then gave it a was with Meguiars gold class.

Got it in the garage once it was washed, then dried off. Went over with Moose wax that i just recieved, RainX'd the used Poorboys alloy wheel protector...see below:

all in all it was hard work, but i never regret spending the whole day on my car...see the finished piccies below:

What dya think?








Overall quite impressed with the moose, goes on easy, and does quite a good job!

Oh and one more thing for me is to paint the calipers,i'm finkin of red, what are your opinons?

Thanks for looking


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id get the cap to cover that hole O/S/F bumper


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That looks really well fella. Although I'd have to agree with RasA4 about the towing blank.

I got jiggy with the Zymol this aft. Didn't get any pics though, typical ****** Lancashire weather put paid to that. Have to say it's the wierdest experience putting the wax on without a cloth - bit like a full body massage!!


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Great pics and finish, like yourself spent the day giving mine a once over, or shall I say twice over - two coats of chemical guys 50/50wax on a pearl black a4 s-line. Didnt take any pics as left camera in office but if weathers good tmrw will take some pics and get them posted.


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yeah the towing eye cover is a pain in the ***, some bastid half-inched it from where i park it outside work!!! I should be able to get one and just get it sprayed wont it, i wont need to get the whole bumper sprayed either will i?

I really enjoyed doin it too, it feels like good-use of a day....ANd i got lucky cause the next few days after were decent weather unusually.

Thanks for the replies!!


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^^^ Exactly what i'm planning on doing. What would you recommend for doing this?

I got some caliper paint from halfrauds for my corsa i'm selling , but its a pastel red, wouldn't look good on the A4. I'm looking for like a brembo colour red. I've used hamerite previously, but is this the bes thing to do? its a pain in the *** when your'e trying to take it off to re-do them.

What have you used on yours?

Any advice appreciated.


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looks very nice and clean!!...good job!...i mean very very good job JGRANT!!....shall i bring mine round now? :p


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^^ Only if i can lend it for a week after i have done it lol

Is it just me that does this, or say for example, if your ever going anywhere (doesnt matter where it is) and you're driving,ya see, i always want to fill my tank up (brim the fecker) and then give it a full-valet. Theres no better feeling that giving the car a good check-over and a good cleaning, having a shower yourself, then jumping back into a lovely, good-smelling, spotless (and full of fuel) car, with a freshley downloaded album.........

Or am i just strange?????



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your not strange dude thats my Friday after work ritual.
Fiil up the tank with Super ,wash and cruise must have my fix.

You are not alone........


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lol..u guys are strange...altho i have to admit washing the car can be quite therapeutic sometimes...its nice when comes up all nice and shiny!!

JGRANT - you can have it for the week if i can look after yours in the meantime!!

wash going to wash and polish mine today but got a new dress on and dont want to get it dirty!! :sm4:


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Yip, it's not sad it's just that we want it to look great. It doesn't matter what anybody says to the contrary, when a flash of light dashes across someone's face they will look to see what the hell that was. My car aims to be that flash of light.

However, I do regularly wish I had a garage not to avoid nosies :nyah: but to get some work done when it might be raining!

We've spent a fair bit of money on buying the car and it deserves to be protected, oh and to look quite good too.

It gets us out often - it's the slaggers that should be getting out more often rather than watching the neighbour cleaning his clean car.

You know my motto:

NEVER MIND THE NEIGHBOURS.:nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: :nyah: