Deciding on a colour?!?! Hardest decision ever



Someone posts something they're happy about and it feels like the only purpose of your post is to criticise. I know everyone can say whatever they want, just seems a bit pointless is all...

Garrett 69

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Seems some people don't like the idea that others may disagree. Well here's some news. This is an internet forum hosted in a democratic country. If the OP is happy with the car, great. That's his or her prerogative. Just because my opinion differs, does that make it any less valid? It seems that on this forum, it does. And there was I thinking that I may find some adults on such a forum.

Doja cat

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Hmmmmm.. I can't pinpoint it.. but sounds familiar. You remind me of someone..
Jealous? You think a lot of yourself mate. I couldn't give a flying crap. If I really wanted to, I could go and buy a brand new RS3 without having to use finance of any kind. I don't see the point in spending £50k+ on a car that you can't utilise to its full potential and is full of unnecessary electronics. By not wasting money changing cars every 12 months, I can retire before I'm 50, not many years to go, and live extremely comfortably.
Mate we’ve all got loads of cars and money in the bank it’s just that some of us don’t need to mention it, but trying to pump ya gums on a car forum just makes you look like a complete bellcheese congratulations you’ve won that prize.
besides, if you’ve got zero interest on the car why pipe up in this section anyway ‍you toilet!