Dehumidifier in air con settings?


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Couple of workmates have said that there cars have a dehumidifying settings in there cars, Galaxy and Pug 307 HDi/ On the galaxy you set your aircon to 22 and it will dehumidify. I rang Audi to see if we have anything like this but he said he wasnt aware of it. Just a stab in the dark really that all!


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If its proper steamed up I just press the windscreen clear button, the blower goes mental and it all clears v quick.... long as the aircon is on to it dehumidifies the air.


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Cheers Cabby. Yeah I realised after i posted that so long as the aircon is on (and not on EcoN) that it will dehumidify. its not too bad generally but sometimes I notice it. Your right about the windscreen clear, its super quick!


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Mine never steams up, even with the 'Econ' button on.
I always leave it on 'Auto' with the 'Econ' botton on and on 22 degrees. I rarely use the aircon apart from when it gets above, say 20 degrees.

The Mrs' MB C180K however has to have the aircom on to stop it steaming up and that's another reason why I cant F*£%in stand Mercedes'
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