Different coloured badges


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Hello everyone, does anyone know where I can get the front and rear S3 badges but in yellow instead of red? Thank you


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These guys might be able help you - saw lots of good reviews of them when I had my TTRS


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A quick goole and this on ebay.......

YELLOW AUDI S Rear Badge LOGO EMBLEM A3 A4 S3 A6 A8 S S4 S8 RS3 RS4 S Line -AS2
Vehicle Detail Specialists, #1 for Auto Badges in Europe

Yellow Audi 'S' High Quality Emblem with Self-Adhesive Backing
Product Code: AS2

Ideal for improving the look of your Audi. This badge can be applied to the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

*Please note, this is a high quality item. This is not a flat, cheap, sticker. It is die cut from high quality chrome ABS plastic unlike others available. Item is supplied in quality packaging and is guaranteed for 3 years!! *


(L) 50mm
(H) 30mm
(D) 5mm