Discount code for black emblems / badges (any Audi)


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Hi all,

For anyone looking to get blacked out badges for the front and back of their 8y... In an upcoming video we talk about the badges from Auto Badge Shop

We have worked with them to provide subscribers with a 10% discount using the code CRD10 (this works site wide)

Direct links to the front badges that fit:

Direct links to the rear badge:

We are trying to work with more and more organisations to help bring subscribers and our 8y community discounts.

If you haven't done so already, please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel focused around the 8Y generation:


Auzzam (CRD)


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To fit you can either use a screwdriver to ply the front badge of but this will mark the bottom parts of the grille.

Safer option is to remove the grille / bumper.

Back badge is super easy but not filmed the how to yet on it as I've not fitted them on my own car, my wife prefers the chrome lol


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here is photo , its more visible in person but can see they not black


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