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I had a call from the dealer last night that they have a provisional build date of week 13 for my car (I worked this out as next week), do they often change as the dealer said that its not set in stone and my well change.

I was thinking that if it is built next week and I allow 2 weeks for that process and another 2 weeks for shipping that I could have the car by early May , is this realistic much sooner than the mid June I was original quoted, I only ordered the car last week.

Cheers Matthew


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i ordered my car 2 days ago, and they told me it could be here for about 2 months, while the regular delivery is in 3-4 months. probably the global crisis affected on that :think:


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From the build date my car was at the showroom in 2 weeks


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Well mine was ordered in feb and a build week of 12, the car is complete but just waiting shipment....

Stealers thinks it should be here in the next week...not sure if I believe him..... grrr the wait is killing me :keule:


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Date ordered:- 6th December 2008
Production start date:- 12th February 2009
Production complete and left the factory awaiting shipment 23rd February 2009
Arrived in UK:- 9th March 2009
To arrive at PDI Centre:- 11th March 2009
Arriving at dealers on Friday 13th March 2009
Collecting from dealer Saturday 14th March 2009
I ordered my S3 sportback on the 23rd March, had the "thank you for the order letter" but nothing more, the dealer had the latest Audi build memo when i ordered and it was saying 10-12 weeks on S3 and 8-10 on A3.

I expect mine will be here mid June........ soooo lllooonnnngggg


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Well the 8-10 weeks fits in with what i was thinking of the first week of may from order. Just looked on my weekly planner and if it does have a build week of week 13 thats this week, i cant see that if i ordered last week its been built this week, but who knows in this current climate. I know that the S3s are taking much longer to come.