Door Mouldings


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On my Audi the rubber door mouldings that run down the outside of the door at the bottom (clip on) have got to be replaced, There is a metal insert that has corroded. Does any one know where I can get replacements I need for both the front doors. It is a W reg year 2000 car Saloon if that makes any difference.


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I got mine on ebay,just over £120 for all four doors.The new ones have a plastic strip instead of the metal so will never corrode.



Dont replace it, Upgrade it !!
Why not Upgrade to S4 painted ones ??? I got mine for just shy off 120 just in process of preping them ready for paint i need a good rain free weekend then ill be slapping some paint on. Works out cheaper if you DIY.


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If you check my threads there's one for these. A company on eBay will do them at a discount. I got mine all in posted for £109. Make sure you get the new version with the plastic insert instead of the metal one so they won't rust in the future.


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Is it not possible just to clean them down and secure with some no more nails?


Dont replace it, Upgrade it !!
Differance with S4 ones is there painted and. Clip on to a full plastic backing trim and look a lot better along side some s4 skirts. Theres some on ebay us and de but are a bit pricey to what they go for here, best thing to do is search for any S4's being stripped for parts and just message them for a price also adidasandy is breaking his avant so there the first place to look.

heres a comparison