Door Water drainage holes


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Hi guys!
I had my 2018 S3 wrapped a few weeks ago. After washing the car I've noticed water gets stuck inside the front doors. Not leaking into the cabin but just sloshing around...

Apparently the wrap guys forgot to clear the drainage holes in the doors after wrapping over them. As the company is located quite a distance away I want to 'poke' them out myself. I've checked my gf's Audi A1 and they are very obvious, but I cannot 'feel' find them on the S3. Could anyone give me the detailed position of these holes? Maybe a picture?

Would be an awesome help!


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hi @QNsven a couple of quick images taken this afternoon, if you look there is a self adhesive blank just above each one
drivers door back edge lock drain.jpg drivers door front edge hinge drain.jpg