Drive Modes


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Hey Guys,

Quick question... The different drive modes on the S1 are efficiency, dynamic and individual right?

On my old mans RS4, the different modes change the suspension settings, throttle response, engine/exhaust note.

What does it do to the S1? It doesnt change suspension settings or does it?

Is it just throttle response?


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Dynamic, Efficiency and Automatic. Throttle response, exhaust note and suspension.


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Stiffest suspension
Weightiest steering
Engine sound actuator on full
Quick throttle response

Softest suspension
Lightest steering
Engine sound actuator off
Light throttle response, and full throttle is only 80% power - the 'would be' kickdown button at the bottom of the pedal travel allows for 100% power and it enables the sound actuator (useful for the odd overtake on a long otherwise Eco run)

Adapts to your driving, adjust all of the 4 parameters according to your inputs, but essentially ends up being a balanced medium of them all most of the time (full throttle is always 100% power though).