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hi guys

on my drivers seat , if i let people in the back on my sportback the seat will slide forward and tilt forward ,but when i put it back down the seat is in a different place, so i have to adjust the seat again.

also when i adjust the seat down on the lever it will go so low then it drops then i need to lift it up again on the handle .

i used to have a mk4 golf it was the same seat mecanisam but no issues.


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The seat shouldn't slide or tilt on a sportback as it's a 5 door. But if you meant you have a three door then perhaps slide the seat to where you want it then and only then flick the back up to lock it in your desired position.

I don't understand your point with the lever adjustment - do you need to drop it so low?


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Sportback huh? Can they not just use the rear doors?

On my 3-dr it's annoying that it doesn't have a memory for when you click it back, but at the same time it means you don't squash people until you can slide it forward when they get in behind a seat that's too far back.


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Weird. My s3 3 door manual drivers seat has a memory of sorts. Pull the release catch tilt forward to steering wheel till it clicks slide about as much as you like. When ready slide as far back as it goes and it stops where it was initially then once in position release the tilt catch and the back goes back to the original spot. No readjustments needed.