Drop link problems?

Nathan Barnes

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I replaced the OSF drop link about 6 months ago after it started knocking badly. I'm not entirely surprised as the state of the roads here in Cardiff are shocking, particularly with 1.4TDI Sport suspension....

Anyway, it has started knocking again this week. I can't believe the new one is knackered again although I haven't had a chance to take the wheel off and take a look yet.

My question (I'll get there eventually!) is do A2's have historic and well-known problems with droplinks wearing/knocking?

Thanks in advance


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Non genuine parts are well known to fail quickly. There are a couple of OE makes though (Meyle, FEBI and Lemforder I think).
Are you sure it's the same part? Quite often you find the other arms or track rod ends can be worn.

Nathan Barnes

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The droplink was replaced with TPS supplied part during its MOT, so i don't know what make was fitted. It should still last more than a couple of thousand miles though....

I'm going to get the front off the floor this week as I have a replacement set of engine undertray fixings to fit. I'll see where the knock is coming from then hopefully.


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I have GSF ones on mine and this will be the second time I have had to replace them... the A2 seems to eat them :(

Replaced the ones on my S3 with Meyle HD ones which seem to be ok so far so might try a set for the A2..