Dsg issues

nathan hayes

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Hi guys,
Hoping you could help here. I’m having issues with dsg on my 2010 s3. It’s stage 2 mapped aswell as dsg has been mapped.
when cold the gearbox is brilliant not an issue. When warm however the gearbox is struggling to engage/disengage when changing gear. It seems when I let my foot of the brake it goes in easier but not always. Once the box has tried and failed to go into gear a few times it goes to fault and the gear display flashes. Once it’s in gear it’s brilliant again. Also when sat at lights in D it feels like it’s trying to pull away. I have had it plugged in and the fault just says it’s failed to disengage.
many ideas please guys?


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Could be the clutch pack either sticking or failing, do you service it with official S-Tronic oil? When was last change?

You can try a reset:-

Turn the ignition on, without starting the engine.
Fully depress and hold the accelerator in that position for about 10 seconds (You may hear / feel a click)
Release the accelerator and turn off the ignition

If you have access to Vagcom you might be able to reset some aspects of the gearbox, it could also be something from the box remap causing the clutches to stick

Then do an oil and filter change on it if none of the above works.