EBC Greenstuff brake pads


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Followers of the 8P Audi RS3 Forum well know I'm a strong advocate of EBC Redstuff brake pads as a road-going cure-all for the 8P Audi RS3; Redstuff providing low-speed squeal-free front brakes, low brake dust, and a hugely improved (relative to the 47i6 Audi upgrade) brake pedal.

Well I have to tell you I am now a fan of EBC Greenstuff brake pads on our Audi A2 (90bhp TDi with discs front and rear), a huge improvement over the STD Audi pads; excellent pedal, superb feel; ok, so a little more brake dust than Redstuff but a lot less than those STD Audi items.

Well done EBC. :salute: