Chris Brown

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Hi Guys,

I currenty have a 55 plate A4 Avant 2.0 TDI Sline 140 (BLB) Re-mapped to 190bhp

- Recently the EGR pipe from the exhaust manifold decided it wanted to leave the bracket that it was welded too. (looks like a dodgy factory weld to me) and as a result the car sounded like it was a 4 stroke bike.... due to the hole!!

Anyway, I was advised that as the car was remapped it would be better to delete the EGR.

So, I jumped on a well known auction site and bought 2x delete fitting covers and a gaskett.

Fitted the one to the side of the manifold (above turbo) where the EGR pipe had "fallen" out and left it at that.
The chap who advised me said that it wouldnt harm anything and leave the system as it is. otherwise i would have to modifiy the water pipes.

After doing so.......All is fine, I have better boost, more tourqe and NO smoke.

The only issue is that the engine management light is on - does not go into limp or have any affect on acceleration, drive etc etc

Also, between gears sounds like a mini dump-valve fitted (intermittant)

PLEASE can anyone advise me if i neeeded to delete the inlet side of the EGR?? or is it ok as it is??

Going to see a friend who has VAGCOM later in the week when he's back from working away to see what the error is.