Electric window motor getting stuck... try this!


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Hey guys,

Early last year the front windows got stuck due to a severe cold spell (no biggie - that's winter for you). They wouldn't open so I kept pressing the button and eventually the window 'jolted' a little (it became unstuck). The windows WOULD go up and down, but if you pressed the button and let go the windows should go all the way up/down automatically, right? Well mine didn't after this happened. They just stopped so you had to keep the button pressed (not a massive problem for me, but clearly an issue with the motor). My impatience got the better of me and it was entirely my fault.

I phoned up Audi and booked it in for them to take a look a few weeks later (the earliest we could both do). During this time they 'magically' started working as normal again. I still took the car in as they would do a free inspection of the bodywork etc. After a few minutes they came back and said 'we can't find any issue sir' (which by this point I knew anyway). One of the technicians then informed me that if you hold the electric window button down for 20 seconds or so it resets the motor and then mentioned it's something they do and it's for the technicians rather than the owner of the car.

I can only assume I inadvertently did this which is why they started working as normal again. So if it ever happens for you try this :)